Jun 10, 2009

Steve Locke has more tact then I do

So I went on a bit of an angry rant in my last post, but seeing people attack those that are trying to better our sport is crazy irritating. Steve Locke on the other hand has a bit more tact than I do. Of course a gorrila loose in a kindergarten class probably has more tact then I do...

Want a little bit of Sad Commentary? Here goes. My brother and his wife live in a small city in Northern Indiana that is surrounded by farm fields. My sister-in-law works as a cashier in a grocery store and regularly walks home from work after her shift. She is very petite and an attractive woman. About a month ago she was walking home when she was attacked from behind by several young teenaged boys and left in a pile alongside the road. Apparently a part of the initiation to be in a local gang was to beat up a 50-year-old woman. It was very brave of those boys. And, a very anonymous act for they quickly left without leaving a trace of their identity. They still have not been caught, but have left behind a now very less confident woman. Quite sad.

Move forward to last week, and I found an analogous situation, but in a different sort of way. In looking over skifly.com, I saw a thread that dealt with the recently concluded Junior U.S. Open Water Ski Championships at Lago Santa Fe in Santa Fe, Texas. Someone had taken the tack to attack the organizers of the Junior U.S. Open and beat up on AWSA to boot. The post that was critical was anonymously posted by a person who was operating without the benefit of all of the facts, but was quite comfortable in throwing several unwarranted grenades.

Okay, I recognize that sort of post is somewhat frequent on Internet message boards. The unfortunate dynamic is that some people anonymously post things to either be mean spirited or to get a rise and sit back and watch the action. While that may be great fun, it is certainly counter-productive to progress, and can be hurtful to folks actually doing good work to advance the sport.

From all reports I received, the organizers of the Junior U.S. Open did magnificent work, and we are quite grateful for the work they did for that event and for the many other events they produce each year.

We also are grateful for the officials who served at the Junior U.S. Open. They were an excellent group and they paid their own way to the event to provide top-shelf officiating for the participating athletes. Now, that is some real devotion and dedication in the purest sense.

and now for something completly different


  1. Anonymous11:11 AM

    that is the coolest video of all time.

  2. yes it is, thats why they are all me.*

    *not me

  3. the line 5 front mobe is crazy, who would even think of trying something like that?


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