Jun 29, 2009

Marcus gets his interview on

Marcus Brown posted some great interviews and reports all weekend long. So those of us that could not make the trek to some field in Michigan could follow along. Not only did he twitter along with Tadd and the others he also posted some great vids.

interview with 4 of the jumpers

best line "I just about landed on my nose". I would suggest not doing that, it kinda stings, and its real tough to balance.

Hmmmm, controversy? "guys down there are really pissed at me" hmmm, and the response from Cale..."No comment" smart response, cale smart response.

Hey Look a bear!


  1. if he had rollers he had rollers...do you really think cp would go out on 2 @ 38? Stop rushing the fucking tournaments and let them ski.

  2. well, someone needs anger management. (minon)

    If they gave him the amount of time that the rules call for before bringing him in, then he does not have a leg to stand on, but if they came back to soon, then he desereved a reride. Every skier is free to complain all they want, the judges need to follow the rules and make decisions based on that. so i inda see this as clear black and white, did he recieve the correct amount of time before being brought back in?


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