Jun 26, 2009

Link dump like you mean it!

So to get my mind off the complete and utter nonesense that seems to pass for news these days (i.e. front page of every paper is the death of a has been pop star...um... there is a war, our economy is in tatters and our governement is not being run by ODBF like it should be.)

Oh wait, no I completly forgot about the really important news PEREZ HILTON GOT PUNCHED and then cried about it. Link here with all the proper mocking that the pretentious loud mouth deserves. (thank you will.i.am. well played...but um...could you spell your name like a normal person please!)

Ok back to the link dump...yep I said it...

U.S. under 13 waterski team selected. Insert completly inappropriate MJ joke here... ugh

NO WAY! Their theme is a Japanesse Game show? That rules! seriously, that is great, have you ever watched those things? freaking sweet

Looks like the LA state law makers actually worked with waterskiers when making their new boat operating laws. I especially like the it mentions Trick skiing by name.

Beaver lake in N.C. is hosting a July 4th tourny. he he he he I said Beaver...hehe

Mastercraft Pro Wakeboard tourny hits up knoxville

Kinda interesting article from ESPN Fishing, interview with an old dude who has been selling outboards since '41.

Tribute to Farrah Fawcet. Very NSFW I did not put it together and it has absolutly nothing to do with skiing. But you know what? I dont care.

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  1. If you've ever seen a Japense game show, that theme just might have some potential. There game shows can be kind of riduculous.


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