Jun 24, 2009

Global Marine invitational

So it looks like there will be no webcast this weekend for the MI pro tour stop. Which is to bad, but with all the money issues out there right now i guess we understand. But it looks like our boy Tadd has jumped on the Twitter bandwagon and joined the "tweeting" masses. wow that just sounds funny...What are we a bunch of freaking birds?

hmm, this is what the google image search tells me a "tweet" looks like. So appearently millions of people have jumped on some fireman. wow that guy gets around!

on that note, add http://twitter.com/taddh2oz to follow all the action from a field in the middle of Michigan.


  1. Anonymous10:55 AM

    I honestly don't know how I feel about "tweeting" or whatever you call it. But if it is a way to spread the love from the event, so be it. I actually hate this kind of stuff,(twitter), so just know, I will be dying a little inside, everytime I twit.

  2. ha, its all good, i actually "tweet" or "twit" or whatever its called everytime i put up a post. so really I am making fun of myself...I guess in a subconcious way I am really embaressed by my own actions and so am just transfering that self loathing onto... WTF am i talking about again?

  3. maybe its your spelling you are embarrassed about?

  4. yep, i dont know how to spell.



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