Jun 11, 2009


The CRB Head Quarters has just opened the daily sacks of mail* from adoring fans and found our new copy of Gifted. Which Freaking Rules!

*first letter in weeks, begged mail man to keep us company.

An actual review of the vid will be coming later, as I am currently at an actual job that pays actual money, unlike the CRB has paid me with $42 of monopoly money, a used $10 gift card Long John Silvers and a wicked case of crabs. Ungratful bitch...

I will tell you though that Brad and the cats over at ski-hd know what they are doing!


  1. Anonymous10:04 PM

    did i miss the review?? cant find it anywhere?

  2. Oh shoot. I thougt we had done that already. Will put it up soon


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