Jun 9, 2009

Do polish ski boats have screen doors?

That does not work as well as some of the other Polish jokes out there...but whatever, its the CRB and your reading a blog written by the ODBF, and it makes about as much sense as the phun over on the ski flies where I guess its a good idea to attack anyone that goes thru the trouble to put on a tournament. Cuz that will help our sport.

Host: You have entered the CRB Lake Chat Room

Lake owner: I think I will host a tournament

Random #1: FIRST!

Random #2: Saying first is GHAY with a capitol hey boy friend!

Lake owner: what? ok whatever, I think I will invest hundreds of hours of my own time and ask many others to come and help out so we can promote this great sport.

Ski Fly on the wall: Lyman got screwed!

City Slicker II: Jimmy cracked corn and I dont care

IN THE KNOW: CreakyRow Boat is in bed with Jim Grew and USAWS, thats the only reason the CRB is getting to host this tournament.

Lake Owner: What the hell are you talking about? This is my tournament and I can host it if I want.

Ski Dad is fat: There better not be any mosquitos and I better not have to drive thru any ghetto and if my kid loses I will kick your ass.

Random #3: I saw this on the Calvin and Hobbes show.

Random #4: PHAG

Lake Owner: Saw what... Calvin and Hobbes was a comic stri...oh screw it. I think Ill have it be a 2 round three event...

RTGFGR: My tournament would be way better if I would put one on

D Baggary: First


This is about where we are headed if we continue to attack the Lori Kruegars of the world, anyone willing to put their time and resources on the line to help out our sport is king shit in my book. The rest of you whiney little sissies need to put up or shut up.

While listening to Freddy talk as Tony Lightfoot interviewed him in the water gave me this nice warm feeling about how waterskiers are a big family and we are out to support each other. We dont need no stinking bail out, we can hack it on our own. People keep complaining about how waterskiing is on life support and how its a dead sport and then they attack and attack. Well you know what is killing it? YOU FUCKING WHINERS ARE! How about you get out your ski and go adjust the fin to the 1/1,000,000,000 of an inch and leave the planning to the grown ups.

This sport has alot of potential and has the ability to get back to where it once was and well beyond. We have a leader in Steve Locke that can see that, we have pros that see that, we have tireless promoters like John Horton, Tony Lightfoot and Tadd Schriber that can see that, why is it so hard to support your own sport? If you dont like what is going on at the top, then do something about it, there are elections, go and vote!

That right there is why we do this sport, because its fun and we get to hang out with friends and meet fun people. Take a look at the Night Jam this last weekend or what Tadd and crew put together last year and try to help this guys out.

As the great Rodney King said "can't we all just get along?"

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