Jun 26, 2009

cheat'en of the tweet'en Part 1 slalom

Ok im going to try and get an idea of the scores from today from the tweetering (or whatever the f it is called) here is what I come up with.

Slalom ski mag 2@39

Thomas moore 3@39

Jason Mclintock 2@39

Tom Brantley 2.5@39

Terry Winter 3@39

Ty Openlander 3@39

Jason Seels 1.5@38

Ace (is this Alexi Zharansek?) 1.5@39

Billy Susi 4.5@38

Marcus Brown 1.5@39

Chris Rossi 4.25@39

Jeff rogers 4@39

Cale Burdick 3@39

Jon Travers 1@41

Nick Parsons 1.5@41

Aaron Larkin 2@39

Thomas Degasperi 1.5@41

Jamie Buechene 1.25@41

Jodi Fisher 3@39

Will Asher 3@41

Chris Parish 5@41

Looks like parish is in the lead after round one with a wicked 5@41. followed by Will Asher, the Parsons, Degasperi, Jamie and Jon Travers, all ran the 39 off line. WOW solid stuff

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