May 28, 2009

Twiggy Test: slalom handles

What up folks!?!?  Gangsta ass minion here breaking it down over the interwebs.  Sorry ladies and dbags I forgot who I was for a moment.  So what is the deal with slalom handles now-a-days?  They are like all sort of different lengths, curved and elipiticaled....  Well whatever we are gonna put them to the test.

Starting it off with the normal handle.  This is the about 11" handle that has been around for like ever its normal and cylindrical.  We found that guess 
what it still works...just the same as it always has.  It is a solid handle and if your used to it, it is
 the bomb digity!  Twiggy gives it no thumbs up, do squirrels have thumbs?

Next up we have the varying length in handles.  We went for the biggest slalom handle we could find.  Which was like 20 inches...then we realized it was a wakeboard handle and washed twiggy off with rubbing alcohol which proceeded to kill him.   

Bring in Twiggy 2!!!

Next, the elliptical handle.  This is where the handle isn't completely cylindrical but kind of curves to your finger tips.  We found that proper skis (not Twiggy 2)  find this great.  Some think it wears there arms out quicker and that is cuz' they are old pussies (ie ODBF).

Nest up is the radius handle.  This one curves so that your hands do...idk what the fuck but its cool.  

Last on our test is the elliptical radius handle.  This thing is dope.  It curves to your hand and bends so that it is easier to bring in when you turn in that course thing with the 6 balls.  This is Twiggy 2's favorite.  But what does he know hes a god damn squirrel.  I have only seen a few of these and cant seem to find a picture of them.  I think masterline makes some, but they may be a custom dealie.

So you may be asking yourself what the hell the point of this was.  To tell you the truth I am asking myself the same thing but I just wrote a bunch of words so it is going up!  Basically a ski handle is a ski handle.  Some feel better for others, its all personal preference but does it make a difference, who really knows.  This should give you a idea of some so go check them out.

Next Test:  Zero off settings, right after we read the manual and figure out what the hell they mean!!!

Minion out bitches....

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  1. make fun of the ODBF will you? hmmmm, yea i got nothing


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