May 29, 2009

Spell it like you mean it

Why is it that a spelling bee makes it to prime time and waterskiing is restricted to (at best) the ION Life network that is shown in about 14 houses across the US.

*note the state name is missspelled* (well played Scripps)

Or ESPN shows hours of poker instead of actual sports. (someone needs to explain to them that their name says they are a SPORTS NETWORK!!!!)


Well actually it might be on then, but I would never know as by 3 AM I way to busy sleeping* and dreaming sweet dreams**.

*at the strip club
**getting my ass kicked by a bouncer for getting a bit to touchy

oh and here is the round 9 words*** from the Scripps National Spelling Bee and the definitions****

AXOLOTL (reference to the number of unnecessary musicians on Chinese Democracy)PLAIDOYER (only fabric that white kid probably wears)
GOOMBAY (Seaside village in New Jersey)
HYPALLAGE (allergy to promotional materials)
BAIGNOIRE (French version of Doritos Late Night)
ARRHOSTIA (medical condition where you speak only in pirate)
BYSSINOSIS (overdose of Percy Shelley poems)
ILIOPSOAS (only fond of Illeana Douglas films)
OEILLADE (not a real word)XEBEC (mythical animal with toes for eyes)
GRISAILLE (Expensive, tasteless, particularly tough piece of steak)
HUISACHE (Costa Rican delicacy made of sugar cane fungus)
NEUFCHATEL (Swiss nudist ski resort lodge)
CRETONNE (those bread things you put on salad to make it taste like something)
SCHIZAFFIN (having multiple Victorian-era personalities)
WISENT (confirmation of FedEx package delivery)
DIACOELE (monocle for citizens of the underworld)
REREDOS (asshole)
ANTONOMASIA (abandoning your car on the side of the road)
BOUQUINISTE (Gay man who opens small clothing shop)
ORIFLAMME (venereal disease)
GUAYABERA (Mexican energy drink)
ISAGOGE (rare type of football play where Lorenzo Neal carries the ball)
SOPHROSYNE (Second year high school co-ed who looks far older and more bangable than she really is)
MENHIR (Sign outside Jeff Garcia’s pool house)
PHORESY (vivid dream about phosphorus)
MAECENAS (Greek ruler who ate his own arm)

and the winning word

LAODICEAN (Southeast Asian form of jailbait)

***How are any of this actually considered words? If I heard someone use any of them in a sentance in normal conversation I would be forced to shove them into traffic
****In the KSK universe


  1. Landlubber5:45 PM

    What a coincidence- I'm enjoying a grisaille right now. Which would be quite delicious with a guayabera...

    Little known fact: guayabera got it's name from Yogi Bear's gay cousin.

  2. you have gone Astrix crazy.


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