May 9, 2009

Oh, Hell Yes

Oh yeah!! GET IT ON!!! Its the CRB favorite time of the year. The CRB Staff is at full attention (hi-ooo) and no, its not just because this is the one time of year that the ODBF gets some refunds and ladies of the do the math.

No No! its almost COLLEGIATE ALL-STARS!! OMG! LOL! ROFL!! AT&T!! LMAO!! GTFO!! whatever, its on May 16th and and 17th way...really?

um...tee hee.

Beaver Lake!

YES!! I bet its really moist! Maybe they got rid of all the sea-weed to the lake is really smooth!! wait..theres more.

/100,000 volts shocking through keyboard.

sorry! YAY All-Stars!! As always we will have a wicked pissa of a re-cap after its done.

If there is not some sort of pyrotechnic display or a surprise appearance by Foghat, or unexplained pregnancy, well, the CRB will do what we can to punch up the festivities with our amazing and Pulitzer prize winning recap.

Lets do the damn thing!

1 comment:

  1. I just gave your beaver some linky action.


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