May 24, 2009

Freddy Wins!

What a cool feeling that must be, you are rolling back down the lake and the person in the boat, or wherever, lets you know that you will be the Masters Champ...The above screen grab is from the webcast (which is really one of the coolest things going on now).

Obviously, go here to see more.

Side note, its fantastic to listen to Tony Lightfoot say Angeliki Andriopoulou. So good!


  1. I couldn't agree with you more about the webcast. So cool, in fact, that it caused much marital tension all weekend.

  2. well, sheesh, i don't think they want to cause strife...but, it is really a neat thing.

  3. Actually, it was Des Burke Kennedy announcing the 50th Masters alongside Tarah Benzel Mikacich.

    I will, however, be announcing the LA Night Jam with Tadd Schreiber and like last year it will be webcast.


    Tony Lightfoot

  4. well damn it Tony, get back where you are needed! in the booth!


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