May 23, 2009

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The 50th masters is running this memorial day weekend. Juniors finished up with their finals this morning.

Tricks looks like it was a good show, with a dominating performance by Iris Cambray of 7670, 1850 points ahead of Erika Lang of the US. Pickos Jr of the US just edged out Martin Kolman of the Czeck Republic with a score of 9580 to Martin's 9220 .

The Top spot on the slalom podium was held by two americans, Caroline Hensley with 2@38 off and K.C. Wilson with 4@38 off. Quite the score by Caroline in the always interesting conditions at Callaway Gardens.

Jump saw Lauren (poochie) Morgan put a sold 137 out, showing she will be a compeditor in the years to come, close on her heels was the solid 3 eventer Caroline Hensley at 130. On the Mens side Alberto Mejia of Columbia booted a solid 167.

Overall was wrapped up by Caroline Hensley of the US and Martin Kolman of the Czeck Republic.

There was a notible absence on the jr mens side, the young phenom Zack Worden decided to give the big dogs a run and with they way he has been jumping this year that was probably not a bad idea. but the veteren Kyle Eade was able to edge him by 1 foot with a 214 to Zack's 213 for the last spot in the finals. That kid will be one to watch in the comming years.

and speaking of the big dogs, the Masters semis were completed today as well.

Clementine Lucine (7910) and Nicolas LeForestier (11040) showed that the french are near invincible in Tricks, something in the water over there, they are just always a step ahead. Whitney McClintock of Canada, Alex Lauretano of the US, Natalia Berdnikova of Belerus all advanced along with Michale Briant of Australia who knocked off Rhoni Barton in a runoff for the last spot. And joining the incredible French tricker will be Aliaksei (Ace) Zharnasek of Belorus, Jimmy Siemers of the US, Jaret Llewellyn of Canada and Oleg Deviatovski.

In a very tigh womens semi Whitney McClintock of Canada put up the top score of 4@38 off, but right on her heels was April Coble Eller of the US with 3@38 off, Karina Nowlan of Australia, Clemtine Lucine (FRA) and Jill Knutson of the US advanced from a 3 way run off that saw Anais Amade of France just miss the cut. On the Mens side Chris Rossi of the US was the only one to run 38 off and put up a solid 3@39 off, joining him in the finals will be Aaron Larkin of New Zealand, Will Asher of Great Britain, Jamie Beauchesne of the US and Chris Parrish of the US. The Slalom finals are looking to be quite the event, some very solid skiers in there.

In Jump last years winner Natalia Berdnikova of Belorus mised the cut by 3 feet with a hugh 151, that shows the level of competion this year. June Fladborg of Denmark put up the top score of 164, Marion Mathiew of France, Angeliki Andriopoulou of Greece and crazy name land, Marie Vympranietsova of Greece and crazy name land and Clementine Lucine of France will hit the water in the finals. on the mens side the Zack Worden missed out by 1 foot but that is nothing to be ashamed of as the finals will exibit the whos who of jumping in the world with Freddy Krueger of the US, Jason Seels of Great Britain, Jaret Llewellyn of Canada, Ryan Dodd of Canada, and Kyle Eade of New Zealand all advancing.

Clementine looks to have the overall wrapped up already, that girl is by far the most dominate force in overall waterskiing right now.

I wish I could have made it this year, but the Creaky Rowboat is a cruel boss and I am a coward...soooooo instead I have to live vicariously thru the twittering of John Horton and the Masters Website


ODBF: Ok ill get back to work!!!! ahh

But first, a documentry of last years masters


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