Apr 2, 2009

What do you want?

So I know I never post on here but I recently came across a post on skifly that bothered me. It said that the crb went down the ports pottie. First I want to say this, the expression down the shitter works because you see your poop flush down the toilet hense going down the shitter. However when using a porta pottie it simply falls into some blue liquid. So weak analogy sir.

Anyway I love this site because we take the sport serious to a degree. We write this because we have nothing better to do but also because we love the sport for what it is. Time to get away from the worries of life and do what we love, ski. So yes we sound like goof offs on here, but that is what we do best.

We want to entertain our readers the best we can! We love doing this and were thankful for our readers. So let us know what you want to see on here, let us know what you want to see change. Hell if you wanna post on here send us a email and we might put it up if you aren't a bigger moron than us. Hell we may even listen to you guys. We want you to enjoy our site so let us know what you enjoy. Just ladies please stop requesting naked pictures of ODBF there gross and it's illegal what he did to those poor fish, except for in North Dakota cuz face it if you can marry your cousin you can do that to a fish.

Minion out see you again in a year!


  1. Anonymous3:24 PM

    no linky goodness?

  2. jonya harding6:22 PM

    dont let the man get you down. keep on kickin, dont go changin', etc. etc. crb is BA, dino's beware


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