Apr 24, 2009

Google Calendar

So my google calendar just emailed me to tell me that the Mccormick Spring open is this weekend. Sweet I like record tournaments, even when I am a couple thousand miles away I can just hope on the good ol' interwebs and follow every jump, trick and swerve of the weekend...um...

Or not.

Straight from the ski mccormick website.

We just finished up a great 2008 season of competitions. Focusing primarily on the waterski side of the industry this past year, with 4 record tournaments and a couple of smaller "filler" tournaments. Many personal bests were set here on site in the past 9 months including a new world record by jumper Freddy Krueger with a leap of 248 feet.

Next season we hope to keep the big scores coming on the ski lake as well as push the riders with a few wakeboard and even cable competitions.

Check back soon for we are working on dates for both ski and wakeboard competitions

Well that was very informative, thank you for the very nice description of all the exciting action coming at us all ski season!

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