Apr 20, 2009

Every Waterski Vid Will Now Be Shot With This Camera

Check out the 1:50 mark for total mind blow.

Imagine what things would look like at a 1000 frames per second. Hmm...

1) You could actually see Freddy Krueger's awesomeness, like, Pigpen from the peanuts with the stink lines, that's what Freddy looks like on skis. But, instead of stink its awesome.

2) If it was a video of the ODBF you could actually watch the self-confidence seep out.

3) Probably be able to see all sorts of nasty snot stuff happening too.

4) Super slo-mo CRB girls on trick skis? oh my.

Video found at filmdrunk.com


  1. Anonymous3:31 PM

    I suggest shooting the CRB girls on trampolines with this camara

  2. have to have something for the ladies though...

  3. Now I want some jello... specifically, some jello shots!


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