Apr 8, 2009

Don't You Start That Again Dog!

Rykerts lake of carnal sin was beset by a nasty bought of walking pneumonia vertigo recently. Which we at the corporate headquarters of CRB INC, feel is simply a way of saying to his friends, "no, its to cold to go skiing"

Whatever dude, we are onto you.

Anyways, it appears that the clandestine spy, the root of all evil doings within the CRB world, Nola the Dog, has taken a new and interesting turn.

You may remember that this dog stole the cherished CRB Cooler, then proceeded to strand us in the middle of the lake by taking our paddles, and now this heathen has gone to new depths and hacked into our email account and is emailing people and looking at dog-porn under the guise of an actual CRB employee!


Very funny Dog, now get off that lap top and get back to doing whatever it you do. Sleeping, pooping and being the third.

Note: If you catch the reason for this video, you win one free internets for the day.


  1. Anonymous7:52 AM

    Because the guy walking out in the background about half way through is completely naked???

  2. I think you have upset the dog.

    You might want to check your octo-rig.

  3. C'mon! Someone out there somewhere has to get the Metallica reference...if not, CRB is shutting down Rykerts dad's internet for the day

  4. The picture before the video isn't showing up. That might make it hard to get the reference.

  5. Is Nola supposed to be like Jason Newstead, part of their past sucess, but kicked out for a cheaper bassist?

  6. Hint: go to the 1:28-ish part of the vid. the lyrics aren't super understandable, but, you should get the idea.

  7. Anonymous2:01 AM

    the vertigo thing?


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