Apr 21, 2009

Doing Our Part to Help

In the April 21st Exec Report on the USAWaterski, our fearless leader unleashes the big guns to get you to join USA Waterski. As we all know, sex sells, so naturally our eyes were drawn to the great production value of the Alex Lauretano's spot.

Now, naturally, when we first read it and noticed that Alex Lauretano wants us!! Woo Hoo! As it turns out that is not true, she just wants our money. What a drag.

Well, if nothing else, the CRB HQ wants to do our part to help out the USA Waterski in recruiting new and existing members to re-up on the USA Waterski Package.

So, we put together a few of these ads, USA Waterski? You are more then welcome to use these as you see fit.

Update: This is Minions post-jenny diet spot.


  1. that picture is well before i went on my jenny diet

  2. updated with minions current pic

  3. Anonymous11:31 PM

    the minion should lay off the eating disorders, perhaps eat a sandwich


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