Mar 11, 2009

Wait!! You Tricked Us!!

Mr. Horton of the Ball of Spray site (which rules by the way) has occasionally posted the Alexa Scores of various waterski websites.

Now, normally you think when you get a high number you win right?

Well, super sexy commenter Jhughes mentioned that, actually, the higher your score the less "popular" you are.


So, listen here buster! You may think that websites like Overtons or Mastercraft or whatever rank higher then we do...but, suffice to say, the number next to our site is HUGE!!!

Whatever!! We jumped on the Twitter love early, early adopters if you will, and we expect that simply by tweeting stuff we will soon rule the entire world.

For the sake of democracy, however, here are a couple fun twitter feeds worth your time.

Tweet away peeps! Anyone else fun to follow? Dallas Friday has to have a twitter

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