Mar 24, 2009

Tyra Banks Can't Touch Karina

Oh, That Karina..She is SO Hawt Right Now!!!


Bring is Karina...I got your fierce!

That's our newest CRB Girl™ (up top with Mugatu) in her recent interview with CRB BFF Ball of Spray. The B.O.S has a great interview with the new "it" girl of the slalom world and honestly its quite interesting.

Its nice to see questions that either A. aren't totally mtv style, like, "omg, isn't that gay guy from Twilight like soooo hot?". or B. so technical that we fall asleep instantaneously, like, "so, when you rotate your hips through the third ball, and you fin is set at X position what do you...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...."

Sorry, fell asleep typing.

We have seen her in last months Waterski Magazine....and note to the editor of that mag...those pics? Yeah, they DO NOT do her justice, as well as all over the pages of the CRB, and other outposts on the tubes and unless you are not paying attention, kicking ass on the water and setting various CRB hearts a-flutter.

The Ball of Spray Interview is fun, soliciting quotes from the message boards as well as J.T.H's own. it's a neat read and props to both to getting it done. For some reason here is our favorite quote.
Horton: Soon after your world record performance at Diablo Shores, there was a tremendous buzz on the internet about your skiing. Have you read any of these analysis of your skiing? If so, what do you think?

Karina: Haha. I am absolutely flattered that people are really taking note. Especially of a girl skier! I like to keep my skiing simple. Sometimes, if you over analyze, it clouds!

*head explodes*

*white light shines*

Holy cow, its so clear now! Just ride the line!!!

Your words to gods ears Karina...your words. to gods ear.

One of the real cool things about the waterski world these days, despite the doom and gloom of the economy and the outlandish costs of boats, is that it really seem like our newest crop of top notch skiers, Karina, Dodd, Marcus, Etc seem like such genuine, fun, entertaining people.

Like, we would drink beer with them, talk shop and then watch them stomp all over our ass on the water.

Along with that, people like Tadd Schreiber and even Todd R. from Waterski Mag (which despite our poking fun, is really a hell of a read now. Plus, we have a subscribtion and we use the free gear bag that came with the subscription to carry around our dogs toys, leashs, food, etc...its nice!) are making the cool people within our sport more accessible.

Think of a sport like basketball that was killing itself after Jordan retired to replace the keystone, the face of the sport, for awhile, we don't think that specifically there was a person to pin it on.

There still isn't, but, there seems to be a culture change happening within the sport, a good one, where there is this central crew of people who are kicking ass and worth our time spent watching.

Thats our Jordan, a central type crew of people who live, breath the sport and don't come across as douchebags, they are people that as skiers and/or outside viewers can get behind (easy killer, its a family blog) and support.

For example, Marcus Browns Twitter, sure Twitter is kinda goofy, but, its a way to connect to the people that we watch on those videos and have a personality to connect with the cold stats we see on the .PDF'S from tournaments.

Side Note to every tournament organizer. PDF??? WTF???? Good god, I downloaded the results from Moomba on my windows 3.1 and then hit up my Sega Genesis for some NBA JAM.

Thankfully Toby twittered the hell out of Moomba.

For that matter a dude like Tadd, yes a crb friend, but, his work on the webcasts and side projects, i.e H20smosis, are kick ass.

Its a neat thing to see and hopefully its a great harbinger of things to come.

Ok, getting off soap box. Hey Karina?!?!?

/holds phone to ear

call me!


How about a tune as we wind this down?

/pours glass of wine

P.S - Hey, JTH, no crb love in the interview? c'mon I thought we were tight like that!!


  1. Solid addition to the CRB Girls list!

  2. Anonymous5:41 PM

    vintage Edwyn Collins. You have style, my man.


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