Mar 5, 2009

Thanks Twitter!

One of the fun things about the waterski world is the wacko adoption of newer trends to promote the sport, or promote your interests, or get your foul mouthed website into more peoples hands.

The most recent generally big trend is Twitter, which is for the uninformed, basically a facebook status update where you follow other people and see what they are doing. Basically.

Anyways, via the Ball of Spray, twitter feed we came across this person, auskier, who is basically twittering the Moomba Masters! Yay technology!

Well, Ball of Spray does note that the weather could be an issue, chilly, windy, etc, but, more importantly, newest CRB Girl Karina Nowlan is currently in first place! WOOOOO.


  1. Anonymous4:56 PM

    yay twitter

    anonymous is working hard at not working

  2. Anonymous9:39 AM

    Twitter must have gotten lost on his way to or from the beer tent last night because his coverage was lost 2 skiers before the end of Men's slalom and NOTHING on men's jump. Too bad, I was starting to like this guy!


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