Mar 29, 2009

Pictures Full of Win

We intimated in a previous post how the sport of waterskiing really lends itself to some very unique images or videos one is willing to put forth the effort to think and try thing.

Most videos you see, or most pictures you see really, really suck. You get no real sense of the moment, or the scope of the situation. Meaning, for example, jumping is way more difficult and more involved then what you see from a normal "from shore" video.

I have seen videos of Freddy or Ryan or Jaret and in my own head I think, "well, jeez, I can do that, I just have to cut later", then you see a video that actually brings into focus the timing the effort and the skill that it takes.

Now, what we are getting at, is a simple shout out to John Mommer photography...we saw that they/he are/is listed as a credit for the Karina pic from the Ball of Spray interview, so we clicked on over to check it out.

The pic of Freddy above is awesome...but, that's just a start, there are so many good pics on that site (and side note: I did a screen grab of the pic...sorry!!!)

Anyways, go look! There is imagination in the pictures, thought about proper perspective and they just look freaking awesome...if there was a way for us to get him out I bet 100 dollars that they could make a 22 off pass look hard core!


  1. seriously he does take some awsome pics. its really fun to see skiing from those perspecitives.

  2. no love for danzig?

  3. John Mommer is an absolutely outstanding photographer. And he does push the limits with his angles and ideas.


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