Mar 11, 2009

Now THAT is How You Make a Trailer!!

Another linky love to Ball of Spray, but, on the front page is a youtube clip of a new movie called "Gifted". Which we assume means our writing and formatting skills.

Not to bag on Slalom dudes or anyone for that matter, but, some of the other movies that we have seen clips for on the you (inner) tubes, we noticed a strong slalom presence/infatuation, and this one, looks to have more of a cross section of the three-event world, with all three events given equal love. Because equal love = MUCHO love!!

If you don't have three minutes or so of time, be sure to check out the 2:38 section of this clip, for no other reason than a shot of a camera dude standing, basically, on the ramp while some unnamed bad-ass hauls ass right at him/her.

It looks really freaking cool. By the way, one of the things that was being bandied around the CRB HQ today was how this sport, as opposed to many others, really lends itself to funky camera angles.

Cameras on the rope or in the water or overhead or on the person or in the boat or...well, there are a zillion places you can place a camera or video camera and catch really really neat views.

One of the hardest parts is to translate the passion the skier has into something that is tangible to people viewing it, be it in person or on TV or your computer.

Movies, or Clips like this one, really seem to be, either at the forefront or a trailblazer of sorts in breaking down that so-called fourth wall and letting people into the sport in a meaningful way. Our sport, be it Slalom, Wakeboard, Jump, Tubing, whatever, has so much to offer.

Look at the pro skiers, look at the people who are "really" good, the ones who actually can use the O'Brien Elite, or can utilize a new set of D3 jumpers, or, whatever, they really can translate to something that even those of us who DOMINATE a 15-off pass can appreciate!

Its really that good.

Officer Buck? FOUR THUMBS UP!

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  1. Anonymous8:37 PM

    Thanks for the article guys, we have been working very hard over the last few months putting together our new film "GIFTED".
    As you stated in your article, this new film is going to stand far apart from the average ski film out there today. With extreme up close camera angles and HD footage we give the viewer an unmatched view into the pro ski scene, but the one major difference with Gifted is the meaning and the insight of the film.. We get behind the scenes and take the focus off the skiing and put it on the skier... finally we explain that the best of the best in the ski world are up there with other top gifted athletes like Lance Armstrong, Michael Jordan, and Wayne Gretsky... what these guys and girls achieve on the water is unbelieveable and takes many years of hard work and dedication. We also introduce you to the Characters and personalities of these athletes, where up until now you have not been able to "get to know" them, but after watching Gifted, you will feel like you know each and every pro skiier on there a whole lot better!! - oh yeh and watch out for the "Outtakes" section... very very funny and a little R rated!! Cant wait for it to be released, and once again thanks for the support!!
    Brad Priekulis


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