Mar 27, 2009

Musical Weekend

A long long time ago, in a previous incarnation of the CRB we had a little post about music and what you listen to before/during/after skiing, be it to get you pumped up, to settle you down, whatever.

Well, just recently Pearl Jam re-released their epic first album "Ten". Which in and of itself is pretty cool, but, nothing special. However, they re-jiggered the album on the second disc of the legacy collection (I don't know either...guess there are a few versions). Anyways, its a so-called re-imagination of the album.

Its not remix like, club beats and method man rapping, but, some tweaks to the productions, bring to the front some of the strengths and quieting down or moving back some of the weaknesses. It makes the album feel both more raw and at the same time more personal and engaging. A strange combo.

Probably because I have listened to this album to the point of wearing out my CD. Yeah, that's technically impossible, but, its scratched to shit, has sat in our boat for years on end.

It was an album that just played non-stop forever, and listening to it reminds me of floating around after skiing all day, drinking beer, relaxing and, of course, chasing girls.

Well, the news of the remastered, redone version struck me as almost blasphemous, how could you go back and change what is really a seminal album of one of the best bands from the last 20 or so years?

So, with a dubious mind and skepticism in my brains I ventured forth and god damn was that worth it.

It was like being transported back in time while at the same time being very much in the present and appreciating something that is both timeless and at the same time timely. Does that make sense?

It wasn't even a total nostalgia trip, its amazing how the music holds up and kicks as much ass as anything today.

I can't find a clip of the re-done "Porch" but, here is their version of it from Letterman a year or so ago, which was epic on its on. Long story short, if you are younger and don't realize how good this band was, or for that matter is, but, Pearl Jam was a band, almost 20 years ago, that blew the doors off anyone else out there. Sure, Nirvana was at the same time, but, Pearl Jam was something was a thinking mans grunge band, equally confident in both rage and pain, in hate and empathy.

Its amazing when you listen to the re-done version of Ten. It both takes you back in time, and at the same time puts current music on notice that, Yes, in fact, this is how music should sound and feel.


  1. Implied in there, is a very good point in there that this decade's rock is weak by comparison to what came out of the 90's. What the hell is out today that competes with Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Nirvana (pre-shotgun), and Alice in Chains (pre-overdose), Nickelback? Hell no (note, I'm referring to bands that started out in this decade vs. bands that started out in the 90's) With all due respect to Mickey Rourke, The 90's had some kick-ass music, althougth the groupies might have been better in the 80's.

    Tube top and spandex pants > lumberjack flannel and Doc Marten boots

  2. "She scratches a letter
    Into a wall, made of stone
    Maybe some another child
    Won't feel as alone"

    "Now the story's played out like this
    Just like a paperback novel
    Lets rewrite an ending that fits
    Instead of a hollywood horror"

  3. I was listening to Ten Redux tonight too. It's kinda the same, but just a little different. Heard some vocals a little clearer in spots that I hadn't really heard before. Tomorrow I'll be watching the MTV Unplugged DVD that came with the version I bought.

    Now they just need to go on tour again. And send out their Christmas 2008 Fan Club single (not that I have a record player to play it on, but I still want it to come out.)

  4. Pearl Jam Ten is hands down the greatest comprehensive album of all time (that isn't a greatest hits album) and is the measuring stick by which all other full albums should and will be measured.

    If I may recommend, Jimmy Eat World has some good stuff. Their "Futures" album is pretty rock solid from beginning to end.

    Nickleback really sucks. Bad. I mean like ODBF on a trick ski Bad.

  5. I whole totally agree with Cris on both parts... Ten being a phenomenal album and ODBF being Nickleback bad on a trick ski.


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