Mar 18, 2009

H2O Extreme round 3

Looks like this movie will actually be released this year. From

H20 Extreme, a 94-minute water sports film featuring the riding of Tino
Santori and Ryan Jones, will be released this summer to limited theatres in
targeted water sports areas around the country.

Apperantly the parties in this movie make "Animal house's 'Delta house' looks like childs play". Well if that is true, it might be alot like the average day at the CRB world headquarters, Jack on the rocks, case after case of PBR, South Paw and Shiner...wait, if its at all like an average day at the CRB head quarters this is going to be the most boring movie ever. Just alot of past out guys and no ladies anywhere.

AH theres the Minion!

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