Mar 18, 2009

Fantasy Fishing Update: Afterglow from Table Rock Lake

The FLW Fantasy Fishing site is admittily confusing, its tough to figure out what is going on and what you should be doing probably due to the incredible amount of ancilarry riff-raff on their website.

However, once you dig in a little deeper and check it out...well, its still pretty difficult to figure out.

That may sound like we are making an excuse, the CRB is not, but I am...the Rowboat is making an excuse...I am in third place.

Not pleased.

Sure, the ODBF makes sense to be in first seeing as the name is Old Dirty Bass Fisherman, and with Kodiak in second place...well, yeah, that makes sense to I suppose, what with bears eating tasty salmons out of rivers and making chewing tobacco.

The Rowboat...well, I AM A BOAT!! I am on the water all the time, you would think I could track down a fish and catch with my trusty net!

Alas, its not to round in late April and I will be storming back to take the lead, I will go so far as to bet my new O'Brien Elite Experiance*

Here are the standings after the Table Rock Lake Event for the CRB League.

League Rank Name Team Lineup Points
1 Old Dirty Bass Fisherman Old Dirty's Team MARK PACK, GREG BOHANNAN, VIC VATALARO... [Expand]
2 cris kodiak ODBF is going down CLAY DYER, MARK ROSE, DAVID KROMM... [Expand]
3 Rowboat Abides Rowboat Abides DION HIBDON, CHIP HARRISON, BOBBY CURTIS... [Expand]
4 Eric Fieck Eric652's Team JACK WADE, JIM MOYNAGH, BRETT HITE... [Expand]
5 The Minion the2's Team TIM JOHNSON, MARK ROSE, ... [Expand]

Hope everyone has or had or continues to have a great St. Patricks Day!!

*I don't own that ski. I can email you a picture though


  1. THE ODBF IS GOING DOWN? HUH KODIAK? Dont smack talk the best! I mean come on, my name says I bass fish!*

    *fish are gross

  2. Maybe you missed it ODBF but I have CLAY DYER on my team. Yeah you read that right, THE CLAY DYER! The guy is a bass fishing legend! He's like Walter Payton without the helmet!

    Its not a sprint ODBF, its a marathon. Just remember that.


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