Feb 8, 2009

McDonalds Odd Quarter Pounder and Waterski Website

If you happen upon the espn.com and see a ad for McDonalds, and then proceed to click on it, you get this random dude as your website loading meter.

Some random wearing a basketball jersey and skiing on what appears to be a couple 2x4s without bindings. Most likely not great for control or performance, but, high on the functionality scale, as you can build some useful shelving after a pull. Sweet.

Anyways, within the site there are all these odd things to click on where the Quarter Pounder has some weird ability to do....gah, it makes no sense, just click on it and look.

The Quarter Pounder lessons in confidence, and really, what better way to build confidence then eat a zillion calorie burger from a massive corporation to teach you confidence and the ability to have pride in ones self though assimilation.

Anyways, for the waterski confidence booster, or waterskiing in the amazon, you get these handy tid-bits.
1. Forget what you've heard. Piranhas are really small....and they're just fish. How much damage could they possibly do? Besides, you probably don't tast that good anyways

2. Don't Fall. That pretty much says it all. So if you don't have good balance, get some.

3. You're awesome. You know what else is awesome? A Quarter Pounder with Cheese. So, Get one.

Don't Fall, small fish, eat mediocre burgers, have sex. Gotcha.

Just think about it, after dominating the Amazon on a set of waterskis, one will be immediately inclined to use their eaticles on a greasy burger.

"Get me a Amazonian prostitute and a quarter pounder....heavy on the cheese!" I will say.


  1. Anonymous10:14 AM

    that is just odd, and who is skiing in the amazon anyways? I prefer to ski on 2X6s as well, 2X4s just dont do it for me. poor performance

  2. It would be much cooler if the picture was the Hamburglar skiing on two giant french fries, in a boat driven by Mayor McCheese.

  3. Anonymous12:53 AM



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