Jan 11, 2009

Time for a recovery

Patrice Martin is one of the legendary greats of our sport and was competing professionaly at a time when Waterskiing was at its apex.

The economic problems we are witnessing at this time are pushing great depression era magnitude and that will have defistating effects on discretionary spending and thus on all sports. F1 has announced they need to dramaticly change their approach to keep the sport viable, other sports are seeing many similar issues as well.

I see this as a great oportunity for waterskiing. In times of recovery people will begin looking at where to spend their hard earned dollars. USAWS has been focusing on how to cut expenses while at the same time talking about ways to position the sport in a more adventagious position. We need to keep this focus on how to push our sport forwards, while obviously making sure we come thru this downturn in a stable position as well. As long as Locke can keep his eye on the ball and make sure that while cutting costs he remembers that some expenses are viatal. Dont cut back on the learn to ski programs or NSL, these are ideas that can be pushed forward and expanded to bring in as much new blood as possible.

This is a large and wealthy country that is afraid right now, much of that fear is unfounded and is only pushed forward by those that think they can benifit from the fear, but there are also very many real issues that need to be addressed. Let us take advantage of the situation, push waterskiing back to wear it belongs, like Patrice shows even the worst situation can be recovered from and improved apon.

Now back to my job as a fund manager for Bernnie Madoff...

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  1. Anonymous2:53 PM

    good lord, add a trick release to his wish list.


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