Jan 8, 2009

Christmas wish list

So Im sitting here writing out my letter to Santa and hoping he brings me all the fun toys that are out there during this holiday season...wait...whats the date?..Ah Shit...Damn you Genny Cream Ale.
Who drinks beer from Rochester NY anyways.

Well screw it, Ill write my my letter to the Easter Bunny or the Tooth Fairy or that homeless guy who always stands outside my house.

Steve Locke tells me that I need to buy, so beg other people to buy things for me I will.

Why would I want this monstrosity of a boat you may ask yourself? well because it may be the most pointless boat MC has built, I did not think they could top the uselessness of the X80/Maristar 280, but they have done it.

oh and I would sell it and buy a 197 and use the rest on crack and hookers.

Ok this one is just cuz my goodman is pretty beaten up and I like how the D3 rides. of course I would settle for a pair of old wooden Lake Country combos, as the ski does little to improve my skiing.

Dolphin was some quality stuff back in the day and I have heard thru the grape vine that they have some sweet stuff coming in the near future. And my old Eagle suit is a piece, thing ripped out after half a season.

Now if anyone could make a suit like my old 92 Black and neon purple and teal full suit, well I would grab it up in a second*.
*put up a post making fun of them for the fact that no one will buy any.

My hands hurt and as I ordered two pairs of Masterlines that the fingers curve the wrong way (backwards), I think Ill go for Straight line this time.

oh and look at that, it has orange bones on them...I can say things like "check it out, im getting x rayed!" and all my ski partners can ignore me...Im the coolest!

Of course I want a big ass truck!

And who would'nt want a truck from a company that will probably file bankruptcy in the near future?

Of course I want my own Gasprom truck. I mean the Russians are not selling it to Europe right now so i could probably get it on the cheap.


  1. Anonymous1:18 AM

    I love the 300, dining in hell and all that, but, the idea of skiing in the ocean is pretty damn awesome. imagine it, serious, going over a jump while vicious sharks attack you and whatever. that would be awesome.

  2. Anonymous1:18 AM

    oh yeah, thats me above, the rowboat, i have somehow forgot how to...forget it.

  3. Anonymous9:12 AM

    How interesting- I'm reading this post as I sit in an old school Dolphin suit riding in a 300 out in the ocean pouring delicious Rochester beer to water skiing sharks.
    What are the chances on that one?

  4. dumping beer for sharks? that is just crazyness!

    They prefer Jack Danials

  5. Anonymous12:13 AM

    what the hell is Rochester beer? does it compare to shiner bohemian black? doubt it.


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