Jan 29, 2009

Barefoot Worlds Results

Since there has been a ton of amazing coverage of Barefoot Worlds in New Zealond this post is probably silly. Seeing as everyone knows exactly what is going on and what is happening.


Here are the results in .PDF form.

More stuff here

This is the basic run down.

1) KSO
2) Sam Heinrich
3) David Smalls

1) Ashleigh Stebbeings
2) Elaine Heller
3) Emily Goldie

There. Thanks to the no one who spread the word about this.

Edit: Barefoot Central has some updates, in their forum section. Proceed with caution, seizures and geocity era website design rules. ugh. here(preview) and here(forum)

pssh, better yet just yell at the wall.

Edit 2: This is better, go to Tales From The Foot for the news.


  1. The lack of coverage is not for lack of trying, at least on my part. You should really check out my site. I've been trying to cover Worlds as best I can from half way around the world and no direct communication.

  2. solid coverage there. funny how the site that claims its all for the footers, doesent have a peep on the front page about the most important barefooting event of the year.

    CRB WIN!

  3. I think the site you're talking about is unable to change it's frontpage because... well they don't have a good reason.

    In actuality, they have a tiny blurb on the front page (if you can find it among the mess there) that takes you to more links to try and find what you're looking for.


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