Dec 16, 2008

Site News: Changes a plenty!

The ODBF said, "hey, rowboat, i am drinking."

I said, "wow, thats amazing...did the sun come up today?

ODBF said, "sure, why not...jerk."

I said, "Whats with the attitude, its like 3:30 PM.."

ODBF said, "really? that would mean...oh no.."

I said, "lemme guess, you got fired again from Taco Bell"

ODBF said, "I still 'techincally' work there?"

I said, "air quotes don't work over the I.M and you are also a 50 year old drunk"

ODBF said, "um, you are WAAAYYY off"

Anyways, here is the low-down...from here on out the ODBF is the official and for reals (not like the fake from before) head of this blog. The minion is out and I have been relegated to a new duty within the company.

new duty being, live blog man!!!

Also, Rowboat opinoins get posted over there on the right hand side of the screen. YAY!! more rowboat crap you don't care about!!!!! SOLID!

So. Whats that mean for you? Well, you may get once a week posts!! From there, I will be live-blogging various fun events, we tried it once with the season "premier" of 24. We will be doing it again on January 11th when 24 goes weekly for real. (see what I did there?)

Anyways...ODBF is leading the charge and has another person in the wings to help out, funny nicknake coming....but, be that as it may, keep the 11th in your calander.

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