Dec 16, 2008

Like I would pass this up.

Sasha Fierce...What bitch!

400 posts. Holy Smokes.


There were some changes on this site, 1o min ago. But, the CRB is has now reached 400 posts. I made a big deal out of it when it got to 100. and we blew by 200 and 300 without a mention.

But, hey...for a maybe twice weekly blog about the silly of watwerski, that ain't bad.

Total side note, had a very interesting conversation today with someone who is a bigger wig in the world of waterski and this person was predicting very bad things for our sport, like, total failure.

This could have been just chat, but, decent business people within this world know what is what, and if decent business people say something is amiss, well, they probably know.

Its a scary thought. We are lucky to be able to do what we do, but, given my current situation, its much easier to pick up a basketball then it is to fire up a slalom ski (even though i wouldnt because slalom is for the lame).

Our sport is insane. The boat companies are putting setting................

whatever....enjoy the holidays. JANUARY 11th!!! 24 LIVE BLOG! HOLLA!

ps. captioned a know, just for old times sake


  1. Anonymous9:37 AM

    Not sure who you spoke with, but I highly doubt that there will be total failure in the world of water skiing. In fact, I would be more than happy to discuss this with anyone who would want to. I obviously, and pretty passionate about this sport, otherwise, I would not have made it my profession. Again, not sure what your "friend" knows, but I can tell you that in my opinion, water skiing is just fine and will continue to grow through the years. Instead of pessimistic people such as your "friend", the sport needs more optimistic people who might try to help grow the sport instead of being such naysayers and doomsdayers.
    Feel free to email or call me with your input. Happy to talk about water skiing at anytime of the day.
    Tadd Schreiber
    tadd at H2Osmosis dot com

  2. oh yeah, everyone has an opinion. no biggie. I thought it was interesting. we tend to be a fairly optimistic bunch around here.

  3. the crb can support all of waterskiing on its back...

    and here is to the strong life of the waterski biz!

    /slams a Mountain Creek

  4. oh, this person wasn't a "friend" and higher up? i dont know about that. possibly a bit of hyberbole on my part, but, it certainly never hurts to point out flaws in things so they can be fixed.


  5. whoa. support waterskiing on its back? like...a hooker or something?

  6. Anonymous7:43 AM

    Rowboat, Not dogging you personally, so I hope you did not take it that way. Just, when I see things like that printed, it perpetuates the negative, which is not what we need. Skiing is/should be moving in the right direction, but you get negative folks who FEED on that kind of talk, and it just isn't good for anyone. Sorry to come off harsh and possibly like an ass, but again, I am pretty passionate about water skiing, regardless of my choice in my profession. Mainly I just plain love the sport. I have been doing it since before I can remember, and to this point, it has only brought good things into my life. So it sucks to read negativity like that, especially on such a highly regardled news website such as the CRB (intentional ass kissing).
    Anyway, I still would like to know who your "source" is, just for personal knowledge.
    Happy Hannukah!
    Make sure to get a HUGE Hangover on New Years, all you have to do on the first is watch more football than you can handle!

  7. Anonymous7:44 AM

    Oh yeah, ROLL TIDE!!!!!

  8. roll tide indeed!

    no worries dooder, its a good thing that our sport has people like you to balance out the bullshit from other people.

    pessimism is an easy out for the ill-informed, but, it also serves to underlie various concerns that may be out there. So, while it may be false, its not a bad thing to get it out in the world and discuss.

    Lola is guarding the cooler closly, but, feel free to help yourself to a Milwaukees Best and chat.

    Cheeze-its? They cost extra.

  9. Anonymous12:57 AM

    all these words are make my head hurt

    crb keep it reals and leave the nonsense to the skiflies

  10. mitchell12:18 AM


  11. Anonymous11:30 PM

    Ahh 400. To be young again. And Mitchell where you at brotha?


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