Dec 22, 2008

A Legend Moves on to Promote Waterskiing in Heaven

If God wasn't aware of Waterskiing, or specifically, collegiate 3-event skiing, well, he sure is now. Scott Coley, the man basically and largely responsible for the incredible growth of Wisconsin Collegiate Waterskiing has decided to run the course a bit farther north.

Its easy to list of the accomplishments within the waterski world that Scott was responsible for, but, that's for the lame. At the core, Scott bled waterskiing, he lived it and breathed it and pushed it to places that other parts of the country would be insanly jealous of.

A few of us within the CRB HQ have been lucky enough to meet him and work with him in various aspects of things.

His personal life? Dunno. His professional life? Dunno.

But, if either of those two aspects of life were attacked with any of the same verve and passion that...matter of fact, if those two aspects were attacked with even half of the verve and passion he went after promoting Waterskiing within the state of Wisconsin, well, thats better then alot of us can hope for.

Scott died, and there is never a "good" time to die, but, the holiday season has to be the worst. But, in an ironic sense, he promoted collegiate skiing so hard within the state that its only right that the collegiate skiers within the state are now on winter break and can attend his visitation.

Folks....our world lost one of the best ambasadors to our sport that there is. He thought outside the lines, pushed hard for growth and worked everyday to spread the love of waterskiing.

If you are in Hustisford, WI on the 23rd, stop by St. Michaels Church and pay your respects.

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  1. Scott was a great guy for the sport. Its a sad day in mudville

  2. The neat thing about Scott, is that he is not a name that you necessarily know just hearing it. But there isn't a person in college skiing that hasn't experienced the fruits of his effort. Starting so many teams, making college teams reach, want and accomplish more than they ever thought they could.

    It is truly a sad day for anyone who has ever wanted good for water skiing in general. He was one of the best ambassadors we had. You will be missed Scott.

  3. Amazing man! Made it possible for lots of kids including myself to get involved in watersking! Thanks Scott!


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