Nov 26, 2008

Remembering the past

Tribute to Ken White.

I know this has been on here before, but I love the vid and it got me to thinking about waterskiings past and subsequently its future. In the 70s-90s waterskiing was light years ahead of where it is now, what was it that put skiing in that situation and what has brought us down from that pedistal we were on?

This video is a tribute to the life of one of waterskiings greats, Ken White was not only great becuase he could kick your ass all over the lake and do a two ski linestep with 60 inch trick skis faster then most of us can do a back, but because his heart was all waterskiing. Not like the whiners and bitchers that populate the ski flies or some of the other boards* out there.
*hortons board is good

But from what I can see there is really no productive forum of any sort that really pushes the sport forwards, nothing out there really bringing new blood into the traditional 3 event world. Collegiete is doing well with college kids, some do stick around, but many just take advanatge of the parties and 4 years of easy access and then go on their way, maybe skiing on a buddys boat once in awhile but never adding much more then a weekend wally does to the sport. Show skiing does perhaps the best job of any of the diciplines in going out and going after young skiers and even non skiers. Learn to ski clinics and summer camp/summer school type clinics, bring in skiers or at least introduce the sport to many more people then our private lakes do.

Why cant we grow above the petty "City Slicker 2" bullshit that is spewed at each other and maybe attempt to do something good or useful for our sport? I see so many posts from people saying stuff like that, but how is that benefiting our sport?

It looks like a show-ski team in Madison, WI, The Mad-City Ski Team, have been putting on an event called "The Clean Lakes Festival", well shit, that makes sense!

Skiers use the lake Check
Clubs want new members Check
Chance to clean up the lakes Check
Good press for club Check
Good press for sport Check
Not being a CSII Douche Bag Check

Or we could continue to focus on a lost cause.

Olympic Update: Seven sports fighting for inclusion in the 2016 Summer Olympics
presented their cases to the International Olympic Committee last Friday. The
leaders of baseball, roller sports, softball, golf, karate, squash and rugby
(seven-a-side) met the commission ahead of next year's vote. Water skiing did
not make the cut to make a presentation. The IOC has set a limit of 28 sports in
2016, meaning the sports were vying for the last two available slots. 

final decision will be made at the Olympic Congress in October 2009 in
Copenhagen. Incidentally, last September the International Water Ski
Federation’s Executive Board announced that it would move forward with a plan to
conduct a water ski exhibition at the Olympic Congress in Copenhagen. Stay

Straight off the editors note pad

Seems sensable to me... but then again I am an anonymous poster, so I got nothing...


  1. wow. that is an awesome video, sweet find. there is a shot from overhead of an ATB. that is just f-ing tight.

  2. his skills on the banana skis are incredable. quite the trick skier.

  3. lolz. u sd bnna. lmao.

  4. wow and im the one that keeps getting kicked off the crb...


  5. ¡ʞɹop 11ǝɥ oʇ ob

  6. The editor of this blog only keeps you around cuz you can type upside down

  7. Anonymous6:43 PM

    I hate people who make skiing look so easy...who the hell can do line steps on banana skis anyways??? What planet were you born on.


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