Nov 12, 2008

Hambone raps about winter

This is stolen from the "Next" topic on skifly, but I liked it so now its here. Ham is a man after my own heart, loves skiing, beer and hates the cold.

Here We Go Again, It's That Time of Year
Ode To Winter

I hate winter with it’s wind and it’s cold,
Getting dark so early, really gets old,
The lakes are deserted, No boats out there,
If you did go skiing you’d have ice in your hair.

I hate winter, I’ve hated it for years,
I hate winter, more than last year,
I hate that there are no leaves on the trees,
I hate that there are no little bikinees,

I miss all the sun, I miss all the fun,
I miss the skiing whether lost or won.
I miss the starting dock and all the trash talking.
I miss the late cuts, no fair balking.

I hate winter, I’ve hated it for years,
I miss my post-skiing friends and cold beers,
I hate winter for almost all reasons,
Except when the Titans are having a good season.

The shortest day of the year is always in December,
It helps me think of Spring, It helps me remember.
It is downhill from there, the days, they get long.
I think of warm weather and skiing, I can’t be too wrong

I can’t wait to run bouys,
I can’t wait to make turns,
I’m glad not to be at Wizard
Hangin’ out with Vern.

I hate winter, I guess, I always will.
Maybe one day, I will get my fill,
But, until then I’ll hate winter , No it’s not a fake,
I’ll hate winter til’ I get back to the lake!

Ham Wallace


  1. is Ham the notorious "City Slicker II?"

  2. Anonymous8:01 AM

    I think Ham normally posts his own name

  3. No he isn't.

    Ham is always positive - City Slicker II is always negative. Definitely not the same people.

  4. /grammar police

    Ham is and City Slicker is mean it would be single person. so, it should read, definitly not the same person, not the same people.

    unless it was, The Ham or The City Slicker, then the rules don't apply.

    /end grammer police
    //offering nothing
    ///i hate my life

  5. Anonymous7:45 AM

    have a pbr


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