Nov 3, 2008

Fitz brings the funny

So in this time of tension and mistrust, Acorn and voter fraud, McCain and Obama, Beer and Pretzles... you get the idea...

Um....What? CRB and politics...F that noise! on with the nonsense!

Fittzy has taught his dog how to kneeboard, now dont give me any PETA bullshit about the dog being mistreated, I mean look at the thing, its having a blast. Of course it is kneeboarding, so if Big Gay Als Big Gay Animal Sanctuary wants to contact the pooch then thats about right...


  1. your trains of thoughts really, are not linear.

  2. I've gotta get Nola in training this winter to try that in the spring. I just have to keep her away from the CRB's PBR.

  3. and she still owes us a box of cheese its. I prefer the spicy ones...

  4. F***ing Fitz! Epic!


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