Nov 26, 2008

CRB Give Thanks

The CRB wishes everyone a happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy football and gluttony and the normal dysfunctional family non-sense that we all go though.

The CRB gives thanks to many things, the people who actually happen to check out the site, to the miracle that is waterski, the astonishingly hot Danielle Lloyd, the ODBF keeping me on the payroll despite my constant pleas to be gone, our peeps rykert and mitch and cris and anonomous, and anonomous and the other anonomous, and thankful for fun new changes in life that bring people to weird places and finally thankful for the Minion to finally quit calling and asking for bail money.

But, mainly we give thanks for all the things that we have to be thankful for.

We hope everyone has a great weekend. Danielle, Nola, Maria, Officer Buck, Dallas, Danyelle, and all of our other assorted CRB characters will be stopping by the CRB HQ this weekend to delve into what is left of the cooler, probably stepping up this weekend to have even FINER smoked meats and maybe even a bottle of Wild Turkey to go with the turkey.

OH!! Jumping Turkey, I see you have a ski rope made of Wild Turkey...Well Played friend, well played. C'mon on in, have a seat...

Scoot over Danielle....

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