Oct 18, 2008

Trouble Keeping Her in the Frame

Nationals is almost complete, just the Mens Jump remaining, and surprise surprise, its ULL and ULM leading the way.

NO WAY!!!!


Anyways, whomever is in charge of the NCWSA site, you sir/ma'am, get a hat tip from the CRB, there are updates and videos galore!!

NCWSA Youtube Channel

Its amazing, must be grueling work to hang out and video people all day and watch skiing. Evidence by the enthusiastic announcing on this video.

"havin trouble keeping her in the frame, sorry jeff"

Ha Ha. Well played!!

The hard work does pay off, however, in capturing Danyelle Bennett s unique slalom style, here she is attempting the rare and extremely difficult back flip rounding the one ball. Officer Buck gives that effort Four Thumbs Up!!


  1. Mike Mayleben and Jeff Surdej did all of the work to keep the site updated. They deserve a big tip of the hat. Maybe a big tip of a big hat. Like a 10 gallon cowboy hat or something.

  2. gosh yes. pretty awesome all the work they did on the site all day long.


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