Oct 7, 2008

President who?

Hey guess what folks the minion is back. I was taken captive by rowboat abides when he left because he wanted to see the ODBF make the CRB go to shit. Well I chewed off my arm in that columbian prison. Once again running coke in skis...not good idea. We used those new millions dollar skis they have out cuz no one will buy them any way, didn't work, some rich dude bought one...opps. Any hooters, I recently received this email from a loyal CRB reader and devote waterskier.
Dear Minion,

Hope your arm is healing well. So I just got done watching the debate. I feel as if I should have been in that pannel asking questions.

I am the typical American. I am 22 years old and in those 22 years of my life I have ate enough red meat and drank enough alcohol to destroy the better part of my liver. I hate buying shit from China, but you gotta, I do however feel bad for kids in concetration camps. I have little to no money and owe more money tha
n I truely plan to have in the next several years.

But that doesn't stop me from spending it like I'm a millionaire, cuz I am a god damn American. I like gas, but hate foreign oil, yet I would drink it if that would be a way to consume more than my F-850 could. When people speak in a foreign language it pisses me off, I mean SPEAK AMERICAN! You know? Oh and on top of it all I devote most of my life to a sport which most likely less than 5% of the nation takes serious...waterskiing.

Anyway, I digress. I know nothing about politics, the economy or foriegn policy. But, being an American I know all about this when it comes time to vote! GO USA! I love my country and I will always stand true to it. Whether the stock market is down 500 pts or up 500 pts, we are getting our ass kicked in a war (like that would ever happen), no matter what I am an American and always will be.

I just hope people dont forget in this election we wouldn't be able to do stupid shit like kite tube (wait we can't do that any more) if it wasn't for the rights we have here in the US. No matter what the economy is we will be out there skiing, and enjoying life cuz we are Americans. So forget all the bullshit and just ski. I say vote Freddy for President and Scot Ellis for VP!

I just hope everyone keeps on loving the USA and remembering what it has given us! Back to my case of beer.

Well said brother.

Krueger and Ellis '08 bitches!


  1. Anonymous1:10 AM

    we have red lights and green lights. you agreed to this prior to the debate.

  2. Anonymous12:22 PM

    I thought the odbf was running.


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