Oct 16, 2008

One down 5 to go

As the first round of the NCWSA nationals has wrapped up and Womens slalom has come to an end, FSC has showed that they have one of the best womens teams to be seen in quite awhile.

And your winner is....


1. Clementine Lucine (FSC) 2 @ 38
2. Keri Mcclure (FSC) 1.5 @ 38
3. Kate Adriaensen (ULM) 1 @ 38 off
4. Marion Metheiu (FSC) 4 @ 35 off
4. Karen Stevens (ULM) 4 @ 35 off

FSC has 3 girls in the top 4? Not a bad showing at all.

Our crack crew of reasearchers* have scouted out ever team and every skier and put toghther this prediction of the results.**
*the odbf and a couple 40s of OE
**stolen from Fantasy Waterski's simulated tournament

D 1 prediction

1 Univ of Louisiana Monroe
2 Univ of LA Lafayette
3 Florida Southern College
4 University of Alabama
5 Arizona State University
6 Purdue University
7 Univ of Wisc Madison
8 Iowa State University
9 University of Texas
10 Clemson University
11 Cal State Univ Chico
12 Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

D 2 Prediciton

1 University of Michigan
2 University of Cincinnati
3 Missouri State Univ
4 Texas State Univ
5 Rollins College
6 Texas A&M University
7 San Diego State Univ
8 Univ of NC Chapel Hill
9 UC Davis
10 UC San Diego

Well Im out of OE so thats good enough for me. If the results are different then that then I quit.

And here is the exclusive video from the tournament.***

***From the 2004 nationals as we spent our entire travel budget on those little animal crackers with frosting on them, so we could not make it this year. They are just so damn good.

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