Oct 17, 2008

Nationals = Woot

Looks like the final round of Mens slalom had to be postponed until this morning. So they seem to be running a little behind schedual. Perhaps the ASU cheerleading squad distracted the judges.
But NCWSA is keeping those of us that wasted our travel money and vacation days on trips to Omaha Nebraska (and other such boring locations) up to date. They have also been posting Videos on youtube and pics on the Midwest AWSA site.

Of course right now the NCWSA site is not working for me, but perhaps my version of the internet is being uncoperative. Or I just dont know what im doing...

That would be quite the shocker!

Gotta love those ASU girls!

1 comment:

  1. How long was NCWSA.com down for you? Let me know - mike@ncwsa.com


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