Oct 21, 2008

A look into the past

So now that the ski season is wrapping up, I am starting to feel nostalgic and looking back on another season of skiing coming near an end. Now if I lived in a warm local like some luckier skiers do, then I might not be looking at folding it up and winterizing the boat. But as I live on the north pole my ski season is grinding to a complete stop as the snow flakes are gearing up to fly.

So I could bust out the snow skies or the snow board and wax them up, or I could hit up the internet and not do my job... YEA thats what Ill do, bossman loves to pay me to not do my job. So here goes, some cold weather skiing.

These people are all stupid, thats all I can say. I love to ski as much as the next guy, but Ill stick to the snow when its 10 below.

Um, are we under black lights?


  1. Oh the irony: it takes big balls to risk that much shrinkage

  2. Ben there, done that..." The hot tub afterward is real nice.

    And yes, people at work think I'm nuts.


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