Oct 15, 2008

Collegiate Nationals Preview

In an about face to the CRB standards we are doing a preview of the upcoming Collegiate Nationals. Our standards, of course, being a recap of events about two weeks after they are done.

So, here goes. Oh, and hey, Minion and ODBF, why are you making the retired person do all the dang work? Because I don't get paid? I don't complain? Because I leave the blinker on in the car? What gives?

The teams competing, from USA Waterski.
The 12 teams competing for the Division 1 title are: Louisiana-Monroe, Louisiana-Lafayette, Florida Southern, Arizona State, Purdue, Wisconsin, Alabama, Texas, Iowa State, Clemson, Chico State and Cal Poly. Louisiana-Monroe is the two-time defending Division 1 national champion. The 10 teams competing for the Division 2 title are: Michigan, Cincinnati, Texas State, Texas A&M, Rollins, San Diego State, North Carolina, UC Davis, UC San Diego and Missouri State. Texas State is the defending Division 2 champion.
There ya go!! Drink up boys and girls!

and because it was Mitchell who inspired this post, GO TEXAS!!!

Hook 'Em!

p.s. The top picture was changed from some girls drinking beer to crb hall of famer Danielle Lloyd. However, she has been on our no mas list since becoming a gigantic media whore and what not. normally, thats ok, but, in this case...you were ours..OURS!!! Don't do it Danielle, stay true to your roots!!


  1. Anonymous10:12 AM

    I think i will transfer to texas

  2. yea I am lazy, and the minion is in a saudi prison or some shit like that.

  3. Thanks guys. Its hot here, the salt crystallizes on my skin, yet there is no other place I would rather be right now.

    The Raw Hide party was awesome. Wish you guys could have been there. Fifth round mens slalom finishes tomorrow.

    Over and out.


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