Oct 28, 2008

And now a joke...

Our fearless leader down in the land of year round skiing (Florida) has posted his new blog and has even graced us with a joke...

“You feeling like Halloween already? Got your costume picked out? I got mine. I'm going to wear my pants with the pockets out and just go as a bank. You know what most people are going to be this Halloween? Broke! However, the financial news is looking good enough that bankers are starting to be rude to customers again. So things are getting back to normal.”

HAHAHA oh that leno kills me*, the funniest man alive...

*would watch lettermen if my TV got more then 1 channel**

**ODBF is a cheap bastard***

***spent all my money on USAWS membership and boat gas

On that note of spending all of my money on an organization that is out to promote our great sport, Steve Lockes most recent blog also contains the most recent financial report for USAWS. I have been trying to figure out what exactly I gain when I send my hard earned bucks down to head quarters. I tried to use the insurance once and even though I followed every one of their requierments it was still denied, in fact I have never heard an example of someones claim being approved, but besides useless insurance, what else do we get for our dollas?

Well check this out, I guess I now have an answer, our $ are spent on a magazine that is losing $ like its going out of style, towboat testing, That does make money, but is pretty much useless as no one cares about what is approved or not approved, (steve I suggest continuing this one, as it brings in almost half of what the mag is losing. And as Slalom ski mag pretty much prays at the feet of all that is slalom and ignores the fact that there are other waterskiers out there, USAWS should keep making the magazine as well.

We also support about 14 different national teams...

oh shit, I forgot I have to go watch the 13 -15 but no 14 year old junior waterski team compete in the US vs Kuwait and Mongolia games, guess I cant finish....

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