Sep 10, 2008

Thats Rank

Looks like USAWS forgot to hide the lappys again and Dave Clark has had a field day. Just released today is a sweet ranking system for the NCWSA. ULM may question how after winning Nationals they are not even in the top 15.

ULM: We're #1 We're #1

USAWS: /smack

ULM: Huh???


ULM: Huh??? but we are hanging out with ULL, our combined might is unstopable

ULL: Gustav is a dick.

South: Well we will show those yanks how to ski this weekend

IKE: Doubt it

Hurricane Ike: /Bitch Slaps Texas

ULL: Ike is a dick

Texas: You said it


  1. Hurricane Ike bitch slapped Texas A&M University right out of classes friday. Well, that means my whole day is open for skiing.


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