Sep 30, 2008

Team USA World University Championships

The founder of this here site has set sail from our midst, a packed cooler and cowboy hat in tow. Occasionally, the Rowboat will affix a empty can tied to a rope and communicate back to the CRB HQ with various updates and thoughts. Today is one of those days.

CRB commenter and all around grizzly bear man, Cris Kodiak, is managing TEAM USA over in China for the World University Championships. In the spirit of the innerwebs they have put together a blog to keep track of their various actions and tom-foolery!
The USA is bringing a solid team of 7 skiers. Regina Jaquess, Alex Lauretano, Cale Burdick, Storm Selsor, Tomlin Wilson, Ryan Selsor, and Jenna Sligar (Alt.) make up the competitors that will proudly be wearing the stars and stripes. Jeff Surdej is the Coach and Cris Kodiak is the Manager. Cheering contingent will be made up of family and friends: Mike Lauretano (Alex's dad), Terry Selsor (Storm's dad), Russ Selsor (Ryan's dad), Cyndi Burdick (Cale's mom), Melinda Wilson (Tomlin's mom) and Jerri dePingre (Tomlin's family friend).
Click over to their site and check in on the fun. Best of luck peeps!

Team USA Blog

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