Sep 18, 2008

Heart of the season?

While our brethren in the Midwest have had 2 action packed weekends with what looks like a decent batch of new talent the rest of the NCWSA has been a bit slower to get rolling. The Midwest is entering week 3 of their season, the east goes into week 2, the hurricane abused SCR enters week 1, and the West seems a bit slow to get off the ground this fall. The SCR has an excuse, whats up with you guys out west? I have not heard of any big pacific hurricanes recently.

Last weekend was a solid one for the east and midwest with 2 tournaments in each region.

Rollins and FSC faced off in a mono a mono fight to the death, then did it again.

wait is that possible?

Oh whatever. FSC showed that even though they dont know how to do paperwork they do know how to dominate the private school kids on the water by winning both round 1 and 2 in the 2 day 2 tournament weekend.

Rollins was not all that distraught by their defeats as they just hopped in their streach limo and head back to the paridise that is Rollins College.

1 piece of advice for Rollins though, if you want to be competative I suggest fielding more then one jumper. It might help your scores a tad...

Rollins and FSC were not the only Eastern Region teams on the water this last weekend, the rest of the East hit the water at the Auburn Fall tournament only to be blown away by Alabama's freshmen. Alabama pulled in perhaps the most solid recruiting class of the year with the Ausse trick star Michale Briant and the solid jumping of Haley Runion. Add those two up with the Wilson boys and the rest of the solid talent you have a new contender this year. Looking forward to the clash between 'bama and FSC to see who takes the top seed from the East for nationals.

So to score more points in 20 seconds then the ODBF has all year you just take a little cut like this and...flip....

oh yea and shes like 12 in that pic and is a better tricker then Rykert, ODBF, Rowboat abides and the entire crowd at a George Clinton concert combined.*

*left Minion off because he can't ski right now as he is appearently being detained at a secret government location.**


whats that you say?

/takes bong rip

ah gotcha!

Oh yea and besides all that fooleshness Clemson looks pretty strong. looks like FSC and 'bama 1-2 in no particular order, then Clemson in 3rd followed by a tight fight for the 4 and 5 spots between Rollins (if they bring a full team) UNC, UG, and UGS. should be like a regular ol' pick pick'n between the Hatfields and the McCoys.

*Editors note- The ODBF has been banned from using random refrences for the rest of this article.

*ODBF note- Damn

Off to the Midwest, where Ike decided to piss on the Great Lakes region in retaliation for... um... something. Purdue added to the longest undeafeted streak in the NCWSA (possibly NCWSA history if any of the stats dorks wants to take a look into that....Cris?) bringing their total in a row to 23, but that may be at risk when they meet up with a strong UW Madison at regionals next weekend, or if Michigan can step up just a little bit they could take down the Cale less Boilermakers for a coup out there.

The Michigan Ripfest some some decent scores, not was expected but decent none the less, with the new addition to team midwest of the University of Michigan-Flint came a new name atop a few of the womens events with Whitney Smith taking gold in slalom and tricks, while on the mens side Checho (Sergeo) Uribe telling all comers that yes, he is still a much better skier then they are.

While over in the state of corn and pigs the leader of the UW herd of teams, Madison, put up some numbers that should strike fear into the heart of the Purdue winning Streak. Those scores bring UW Madison to with in spitting distance of Purdue in the national poll.*

*Midwest and Florida poll right now.

Looks like as usual though the top 2 seeds will go to Madison and Purdue, unless U of M can step up big at regionals. While UM and Iowa state look golden with the usual last event heart breaking results giving us the last of the guarenteed 5 seeds from the midwest.

I understand that there is a new rule this year that will bring in a few extra teams based on some rules that the ODBF does not feel like reading so instead I will ask a confidential source (myself) for an explanation.

ODBF: So confidential source would you explain the new rules to all of us?

ODBF: This is stupid.


Well that concludes my wasted day at work...

Hey look a Schlitz!


Of course all of this is unneccissary as the Hope College Destruction Crew is going to take it all anyways. We all might as well go home now.


  1. You are the damn editor now!

  2. oh yea... hmm... can i fire myself?

  3. Oh how I love you ODBF.

    I will look into the winning streak for ncwsa tournaments. That is going to be hard to look up, but I will check.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. The Texas A&M Team is rolling out at 1:00 this afternoon for the first SCR Party err... I mean, Tourney.

    Whoo Hoo!!

    I think we are going to be very competitive for the top spot this year. I just need to find ULL and ULM's equipment trailers and hire a water-ski hit-man to hide their skis for me..


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