Sep 2, 2008

Bring it back!!!

Now I love distance jumping, a 230+ foot jump is straight up crazyness, but I just love freestyle jumping. And this vid shows some of the best jumps out there. Everything is in this vid except the vaunted double flips, which I have yet to see but have heard there are peeps that can do it. Ill belive it when I see it, if anyone has a vid fire it over.

Quick Definitions and the ODBF's rating scale
Heli-Spin it round like a helicopter!
One broken bone
720- Double heli. come in wrapped then do a handle pass 3.
3 1/2 broken bones
Gainer-Back flip
3 broken bones
Front Flip- um if you dont know what this is then you need some help
3 broken bones
one ski ride over- acording to Zand Schwenk this is way more difficult then a one ski front or gainer. (hes right) not as cool looking though.
2 broken bones
one ski heli- way more difficult then a 2 ski heli. only for the dumb to try, pretty sweet though.
3 broken bones
180- ride over with a twist. pretty ballsy to land backwards
3 broken bones
Mobe-Full twisting gainer. not many guys even try this anymore. props to those that do!
3 1/2 broken bones
Front Mobe- um, look at the previous definition and think about it.
3 3/4 broken bones
Discombobulator- Gainer landing backwards. Freaking dope
4 Broken bones
Discombobulator 5- 540 Gainer. You are a Pimp.

If your wondering how you can have partial broken bones then you've never jumped. Or your just to damn picky, so you need to go back to the skiflies and get your bitch on over there.

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