Sep 9, 2008

Back to School

Beer bottles broken on the sidewalk and the cops out busting parties can mean only one thing...

NCWSA is back in session!

Bust out your drinking boots... I mean water skis and funnels and hit the water for the shortest sports season of them all.

This weekend lit up the lakes in the midwest while down south the teams have an extra week to wait (and Ike may have other plans) and in the west the season opener was canceled for undisclosed reasons.

Perhaps its cuz they heard this guy was showing up.

While collegiete is the only USAWS division showing any growth, the ODBF has a suggestion for even stronger growth.


Hey if it works for beach vollyball why not?


  1. Fall Classic is going to be legend, as long as the hurricane doesnt pwn us

  2. Fall classic would be a legend, but I bet it will be cancelled. Check out where this prediction has it's path.

    I don't want it cancelled. To be honest, I want to see what it is like to jump in 45mph winds and slalom in waves we could surf on, although I would probably have to break out the Connelly Big Daddy ski and run at 26 mph. lol

  3. Actually, I just got word that it is indeed cancelled.

  4. cancelled? really? shoot, the ODBF sent me on assignment to cover that event. In some circles its bigger then the super bowl, the Kentucky Derby and the Lower Oakland roller derby finals all rolled into one.

  5. Yup, I got word of it right as it posted the last comment. It really sucks, but I'll be rescheduled. The date that they are looking at right now is Oct. 4th.

    Oh, and...

    Bigger than the Oakland roller derby? Damn. Thats pretty big.

  6. that would be the "lower" oakland roller derby. you need to be more specific! 45mph head wind would be sweet.*

    *sweet = awsome wind burn and death


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