Aug 26, 2008

Simple sports?

So I was out in the back yard having a few beerz and hitting the shuttle cock around
/haha, he said cock
When i relized that this was just way to difficult of a sport and I needed to pick a new one. So I gave skateboarding a go...

Wait, the board is on wheels???

shit thats to hard for me.

So i guess Ill have to look an easier sport on ESPN's Sport difficulty ranking list.

Badmittion was just to hard all the way up there at #30 and skateboarding is to hard at #37. Hmm what do pick. I thought about giving Baseball a go, but that must be impossible all the way up there at #9, I bet those guys are all in crazy good shape.

Oh I know what sport Ill do, WATERSKIING. I mean that must be the easiest sport there is. Its just above Ping Pong, I mean, i can do that , thats easy.


  1. That list is absurd. How the hell did extreme ironing not make the list?

  2. Oh, oh... I've got one more. "Chess boxing". Wikipedia that one.

  3. what about Ironing while chess boxing? now that would make the list i bet.

  4. Anonymous1:02 PM

    I reranked waterskiing in each catagory. I put it right between Downhill skiing and Handball. Much more respectable.

  5. Anonymous8:34 AM

    looking at that list, i have to say it is a lost cause. as gay as it sounds sports like Gymnastics need to be near the top, due to the variety and difficulty of the skills requiered to be at the top of the sport. 3 event skiing i would put in the top 15 again due to the variety and difficulty of skills requiered.


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