Aug 6, 2008

Showski Nationals to be Streamed Live

The 2008 Indmar Show Ski National Championship will be broadcasted live on

Here is the webcast schedule:

Saturday - August 08th(Webcast Starts 9.20am CT)
• Chippewa Lake Water Ski Show Team – Central

• Mad City Ski Team – Wisconsin

• Muskego Water Bugs - Wisconsin

•Midwest Ski Otter Ski Club - MN

• Badgerland Water Ski Show Team -

• Lake City Skiers - Central

• Five Seasons Ski Team – Cedar Rapids,IA

• Webfooters Water Shows – Wisconsin

Sunday - August 10th(Webcast Starts 8.00am CT)
• Backwater Gamblers – Central

• Wonder Lake Water Ski Show Team – Central

• Rock Aqua Jays Ski Club – Wisconsin

• Little Crow Ski Club – New London, MN

• Waterhawks Ski Team – Waterloo, IA

• Beaverland Must Skies – Wisconsin

Wait a second. Saturday the 8th and Sunday the 10th? Holy shit we lost the 9th! What are we going to do? Really, individuals begin on Friday the 8th and team competition is on Saturday and Sunday. Make sure to check the CRB for our updates and commentary throughout the weekend. We will have some show ski agents in the field. If your there please come on the site and post what you think about the tournament, beer tent included.


  1. wait a second, they ski in a stream? is that big enough to...oh, stream as in something on the ebays. gotcha.

  2. thats alot of pink, i may have to make a comment referencing the word ghay when i describe those.

  3. I hear the guys there wear tights I bet the ODBF is in.

  4. Anonymous12:23 PM

    updates? minion lied to me.


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